High Quality Steel Rebar

At JMC Group of Companies Steel Industries our commitment to excellence extends beyond the bottom line. A solid technical foundation combined with continuous investment in cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment is essential in maintaining the competitive edge, we are enjoying for the last 36 years in the Turkish steel industry.

To ensure consistently high quality in our Steel Products and our services, we have a team of quality assurance professionals who vigilantly monitor the production process. Our highly qualified engineering team constantly integrates international product enhancements and manufacturing improvements with our agreed production facilities. In accordance with our quality assurance policy which conforms to ISO 9001:2008, routine testing is carried out, from raw materials and finished products via our material testing laboratories, which are equipped with chemical and mechanical testing capabilities, enabling us to conform to the most stringent international steel quality standards.

Process of Production High Quality Steel

A process for producing high quality steel includes a first step of decarburizing the melt in a converter by top blowing with oxygen to a carbon content of less than 0.1% carbon. Next, carbon (comminuted coal) is delivered to the melt at a high velocity whereby the melt and slag will boil intensely with the carbon being delivered until the oxygen content of the melt is less than or equal to about 250-400 ppm oxygen and the carbon content is greater than or equal to about 0.04-0.07% carbon. In the third step, recarburization of the melt is effected in either the converter or a ladle whereupon a melt having as little oxygen as is reasonably possible; and carbon content close to that desired is achieved. Finally, in a fourth step, the melt (which is now in a ladle) is treated with synthetic slag and with a material that is both deoxidizing and desulphurizing (i.e., metallic calcium) whereby a high quality steel is produced.

JMC Group of Companies Steel’s specialist trade and project finance team works with our bankers to offer customised finance packages to the steel industry.

Our structured trade finance agreements fund working capital requirements, including pre-production finance. Hammad Steel’s also facilitates the satisfaction of offset and countertrade commitments which arise when, upon winning a contract from an overseas country, the contractor pledges to counterbalance it with reciprocal trade or investment.

JMC Group of Companies Steel’s special projects team draws upon the Group’s wide spectrum of services to develop investment proposals and joint venture partnerships. Our project finance agreements fund expenditure on capital assets. Our consultancy services include market analysis and research, business planning, project feasibility assessments and due diligence.

JMC Group of Companies Steel’s specialist price risk management team employs a range of derivative tools to manage the Group’s exposure to physical market price fluctuations. It also offers a hedging service to external parties, through a joint venture with Habib Bank AG Zurich.

JMC Group of Companies Steel Industries offer several flexible payment options to our regular steel buyers, including Letter of Credit at Sight, 30% Advance and 70% on presentation of Original documents, 50% Advance and 50% on Fax/email of Copy documents, credit line option is also available for our regular buyers.

100% Letter of Credit for Payment at Sight through First Class Top 20 US/EU Banks. L/C should be Irrevocable, Non-Transferable Confirmed. African Banks Letter of Credits to be Confirmed from US / EU.

30% Advance through official Telegraphic Swift Transfer and the remaining 70% on the First Presentation of original documents from our bank to the buyer’s bank.

50% Advance through official Telegraphic Swift Transfer and the remaining 50% on the fax / email of complete set of the original documents.

90 days, 120 days and 180 days usance and D/A Letter of Credits are also accepted from our regular and loyal buyers after having a glance at their performances and sincerity towards JMC Group of Companies Steel Industries Limited.

Documents to be Provided

  • 3/3 Original Invoices Negotiable Copies + 2/2 Non-Negotiable Copies.
  • 3/3 Original Bill of Lading Negotiable Copies + 2/2 Non-Negotiable Copies marked: “Clean on Board and Freight Prepaid”.
  • Certificate of Origin issued from respective country of Origin (GSP Form A).
  • Weight and Packing Lists in 3/3 Original Negotiable Copies + 2/2 Non-Negotiable Copies.
  • SGS / Bureau Veritas Certificate for complete physical and chemical analysis along with Test Reports issued from Hammad Steel Industries, Seal numbers, certified photographs and their Certificate of Quality and Quantity, considered final at loading port.

We offer guaranteed lowest delivery time to our esteemed buyers understanding their needs for timely deliveries. We usually commit only spot deals which enables us to ship our steel products on time.

  • We realize the importance of maintaining job schedules and concrete pours.
  • We understand the magnitude of competitive quotes, accuracy and timely deliveries on the job site.
  • We consider carefully the needs of the customer, whether the requirements are for a single bar or a complete rebar package for a large project. These practices have established a solid reputation of trust and the basis for long term relationships and business referrals.
  • We possess our own fleet transportation management, hence enabling us to carry empty containers from the port area to our nominated Steel Plant. After the completion of loading procedures of the containers and inspection by authorized inspection agencies such as SGS, Bureau Veritas, Cotecna or Intertek, they are moved back to the port area for the loading on nominated vessels.

Some of these facilities enable us to provide shipments on time without any delays in the transportation and unnecessary hassles in facing shut-outs and space issues from the Shipping Lines and carriers.

We also negotiate best container freight prices from reliable shipping lines and carriers on behalf of our Steel buyers and consumers. Our local presence and volumes enable us to get the required freight prices, shortest transit time, no shut-outs, more free time at destination ports and waiver of several port charges. Our freight prices are filed every quarterly with several shipping lines and carriers.

We have our own logistics support management for transportation of containerized shipments from factory to loading ports. Our years of experience in sea transportation and freight ensure safe and on time delivery of shipments at destination ports.

The growth in demand of Steel Rebar in Asia, Middle East and Africa whereas particularly supply deficit worldwide has geared up export opportunities for Steel Industry by the over whelming support and services of JMC Group of Companies Steel Industries.

Our offered steel prices always include third party inspection to ensure our buyer’s interest. We recommend SGS, Bureau Veritas (BIVAC), Intertek, Cotecna for inspections at loading port. Inspections include complete physical and chemical analysis with comprehensive batch-wise Mill Test reports.

Beside our analysis report, we also provide complete photographs of the shipments during loading and inspection of the cargo attested by third party inspection companies. Our standards are maintained according to the standards set by International Standards Organization and customer requirements.

Our offered steel prices also includes comprehensive insurance of the cargo from World Top 20 A1+ rated US / European Insurance Companies covering all risks and aspects to avoid any losses occurred during the handling of the cargo including loading, transportation and unloading. Providing complete cover to our steel buyers, consumers and customers from our loading facilities upto your unloading facilities. Working with Hammad Steel Industries ensures complete satisfaction of the cargo till it reaches your warehouse.