JMC Group of Companies Steel offers Steel Wire Rod having wide range of standards and qualities conforming to the customers’ needs and purpose for use in welding electrode, steel mesh, wire, bolts, spring, bending / cutting machine use, cut to bend sizes. In our opinion, you, the esteemed customer of ours, choosing the right product or material form, constitutes the most critical point (the keypoint) in this matter.

JMC Steel Wire Rod Standards

Steel Wire Rod Standards is the main decisive factors / requirements for the use by a vast number of different industrial processes, whose end products are as diversified.
Several international standards are available with JMC Group of Companies for prompt deliveries including

Standards ( Plain / Deformed )

JMC Steel Wire Rod Sizes

Wire rod is made from plain round bars and used as a raw material in calibration, stamping and wire drawing by reduction of the diameter, having certain mechanical and surface characteristics suitable for each application. Industries range includes several different dimension diameters starting from 5.5mm upto 40 mm.

Starting from 5.5 mm upto 20 mm in diameter (Plain)

Starting from 6 mm. upto 16 mm. in diameter (Deformed)

JMC Steel Wire Rod Packaging

Steel Wire Rod packaging can be arranged as per the customer requirements ranging from.

200 KG Coils~ upto 3 Metric Ton Steel Wire Rod presented in coils are used by a vast number of different industrial processes, whose end products are as diverse as cutting heads, springs for mattresses and springs for vehicles, wrapping meshes, products obtained for machining, pre-stressed for railway sleepers, high pressure pipes and beams, covers for the automobile sector, wire for electricity conduction (ACSR) and communications, products obtained for stamping for agricultural uses or wires for pneumatic tyres.
Each Bundle weighing from 200 Kgs upto 3 Metric Tons Coils for Bending / Cutting Machines
Well tied up with High Tensile Wires for maximum safety, lifting and transportation

Steel Wire Rod Specific Requirements

We like to point out that our technical service is always at your service to assist you in your choosing of the proper material and also like to remind you that your selection and usage of the right products shall reduce your losses (in terms of labour, material, etc.) and increase your production quality and assertiveness.